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About Us

Дорогие друзья,

Мы вместе с вами с нетерпением ждем открытия нашего нового пространства.

В настоящий момент мы в процессе получения разрешения от City of San Mateo.

Studio Anthurium is a great place for adults and children of different ages. 


We offer a tutoring service for all ages and different skill levels including language arts, reading, creative writing, essay, literature, collaboration writing and test preparation.  


We provide individual and small group tutoring to students in the Tutoring Center located in 55 43 Avenue, San Mateo, CA, 94403. Assist students in improving academic achievement by meeting with them on a regular basis to clarify learning problems and work on study skills. Other assistance might include reviewing class material, discussing the text, predicting test questions, formulating ideas for papers, or working on solutions to problems. Tutoring is a supplement to classroom teaching. Tutors are not expected to know everything about the subject for which they tutor.


Our programs are individualized to meet the unique learning needs and learning styles of each student. Our staff is trained and experienced in providing support to a wide range of academic programs from kindergarten through college level, in public and private settings.


Our staff at Studio Anthurium is experienced in providing tutoring services to students with a wide range of pre-academic and academic needs. Many of our tutors have master’s degrees and are experienced in the teaching field. Since we recognize and appreciate the unique nature of different learning styles, our tutoring programs are designed to address the individual learning needs of each student. Throughout the tutoring process, much care and consideration are given to ensure that a student’s program addresses current learning needs and adapts to meet the changing needs as a student progress. 


Studio Anthurium tutoring center provides the following types of products and services:


Language art classes:


  • Public speaking preparation

  • TED preparation

  • Presentations skills

  • Children’s developmental classes

  • Storytelling


  • Creative writing

  • Creative expression

  • Writing workshops

  • Poetry

  • Fiction writing

  • Humor writing 

  • Sports writing

  • Writing the memoir


  • General reading

  • Reading and writing poetry

  • Reading for writers

  • Reading and writing blogs


  • School literature for different levels,

  • American literature and culture

  • African American literature and culture

  • Worldwide literature and culture

  • Modern literature

  • Philosophy and literature


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55 W 43rd Avenue, San Mateo, CA, 94403  /  Tel./ WhatsApp  650-539-5570

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