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Pricing and policy

Participation Policy

For a client child or adult to join classes, camps, or events in Studio Anthurium a waiver must be fully filled out before your first visit. Otherwise, you will have to fill it out in the office before you can process to class or the event.


Payment Policy

Tuition for classes must be paid upon receiving the invoice. Monthly payment based on the number of classes (weeks) in that month:

Single student discounts: 1 subject - $40 per class,

2 subjects – 5% discount, $38 per class,

3 subjects – 10% discount, $36 per class,

4 subjects – 15% discount, $34 per class.

Dance Mix - $110 per month (one time per week)/$173 per month (two times per week). Three classes per week upon availability.

Guitar 60 min - $60, 45 min - $50, 30 min - $40.

Piano 60 min - $60, 45 min - $50, 30 min - $40.

Vocal private class (60 min) - $65.

Speech private lesson (30 min) - $50.

Family student discount: 5% discount will be applied to monthly tuition for a second (third) family member in the same subject. 

Discounts cannot be combined. Discounts are not applied to individual, private or semi-private classes.

Example: If you have class on Mondays and there are 4 Mondays in the month, you will be charged $160 for that month, if there are 5 Mondays in the month, you will be charged $200 for that month. If you take 2 different subjects, you will be charged $152/$190 respectively.

Pro-rating is available if you join mid-month.


Registration Fee: $50 per student, $80 per family. Materials Fee: $25-50 per half-year.


We accept payment by Zelle or Venmo @studioanthurium. If you are unable to use those payment methods, we accept checks (please send us a VOID copy) or PayPal/credit cards with an additional 4% processing fee.


Schedule changes Policy

Sometimes the personal schedule needs to be changed. If so, please think of the options that work better for you. 

Attendance and make-up policy

All classes to be missed, including vacations, must be reported in writing at least 24 hours prior to class by filling out the appropriate form on the Studio’s website ( We will make exceptions to this rule only if you or your child is sick or has been in an accident, with official written notice from the doctor/ school confirming the excuse. Verbal requests over the phone or in person will not be accommodated. Upon receipt of the completed form, you shall have an option to schedule a make-up class if applicable or receive credit for the missed lesson(s). Unexcused absences will not be credited or provided with a make-up option.

Make-up classes are based on availability and are not guaranteed. Once you made a make-up reservation, no credits will be issued for unused make-up. 


Studio Anthurium accepts withdrawal two weeks in advance of the intended date of withdrawal. Verbal requests over the phone or in person will not be accommodated. 

If you do not receive a confirmation by email from the Studio within the same day, it means that your original request did not go through, and you need to re-submit the written withdrawal request in order to effectuate the actual withdrawal. 

No refunds will be made after billing and payment have taken place.  

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