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Welcome to Studio Anthurium

The place where the Russian - English speaking community gathers for learning, communication, sharing experiences, and making new acquaintances.


You can expect a multitude of classes and events for children and adults of all ages. Our team consists of experienced teachers who speak Russian, Ukrainian, English, Spanish, and German. With passion and love, we impart knowledge, helping each client achieve their goals.

We offer group and individual lessons in various subjects: Russian and Ukrainian languages, reading, Russian as a foreign language, speech development, art, science, history, natural science, STEM, electronics, music, dance, theater, and many others. We also provide tutoring services in Ukrainian, English, German, and Spanish.

For children, we have created a special program that allows them to learn languages through play and creativity, opening up a world of adventure and new friends. Our specialists have extensive experience working with children of various ages and will help your child develop their abilities.

For adults, we offer modern dance and energetic Zumba classes to maintain physical fitness and vitality. For those who speak English and want to learn Russian, we have specialized courses in "Russian as a second language."

For music lovers, we offer choir, vocal, piano, and guitar classes.

We invite you to Studio Anthurium, where together we will discover a wonderful world of knowledge and opportunities, culture, and creativity!



Get in Touch

55 W 43rd Avenue, San Mateo, CA, 94403  

Tel./ WhatsApp  650-539-5570

Thank you for your letters!

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