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Pricing and policy

Is this your first time with us? Choose a lesson in the schedule, register, pay, and come to the class. After attending the first lesson, you have the opportunity to sign up on a permanent basis. When registering, an annual registration fee and the current month of classes are paid.

Lessons are paid monthly based on an invoice, with the amount calculated from the number of lessons in the calendar month. You can check the number of lessons in our calendar.

Discounts for a single student: 1-2 subjects - $40 per lesson, 3-4 subjects - 5% discount, $38 per lesson, 5+ subjects - 10% discount, $36 per lesson. Dance lessons - $130 per month (once a week). Example: If there are 4 lessons in a month, then the cost of your lessons for the month will be $160, if 5 lessons, then the cost will be $200. 

Group drop-in classes - $42, drop-in dance class - $28.

Individual lessons (price per lesson) for piano, guitar, vocal, chess: 60 min - $65, 45 min - $50, 30 min - $40. Individual lesson in Russian language/reading - $40 (45 min), $50 (60 min). For children under 5 years, we offer individual 30-minute lessons - $30. Individual speech development lesson (price per lesson) - $55.


Family discount for students - a 5% discount will be applied to the monthly payment for the second (third) family member studying the same subject.

Discounts do not accumulate. Discounts do not apply to drop-in classes and individual lessons.

Proportional payment is possible if you join us mid-month.

Registration fee - $50 per student, $80 per family. Material fee - $25-50 per half-year, collected twice a year - September/October and February/March. If you joined after the start of the billing period, the fee and material payment may be recalculated pro-rate.

We accept payments via Zelle ( or Venmo (@studioanthurium). If you cannot use these payment methods, we accept checks or PayPal / credit cards with an additional fee of 4%.

Detailed rules for studio attendance, absence, and termination of classes are available here.

* Schedule, prices, and studio visitation rules are subject to change without prior notice.

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